Stephan Petzl

Higher technical school managed to make me indifferent in technology for a while. That’s remarkable, before going there, I’ve been a lot into building electronic circuits and disassembling electronic devices (assembling again was another thing quite often ;)).
But as I got bored during civil service, I started to do my own thing:
I installed an Apache server on my computer and more and more enthusiastically started to learn how to do websites. That was 16 years ago. Just a couple of months later I decided to start studying Software Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna. Since then I got in contact with a lot of technologies: CMS (such as TYPO3, WordPress), Flash, ERP (Axapta), Sharepoint, asp.net, Symfony2, Microcontrollers, Mathlab, Java EE … Although University gives you a valuable theoretical perspective, I’ve always been a hands-on guy, and I’ve always enjoyed to talk to my clients. I love to build things people need. 6 Years back I started to do Apps, as I got more interested in mobile computing. I had an idea for some app- so I sat down and started to do CutoutCam, which won the Content Award in 2013. Since then, I’ve done many Apps for major News Agencies such as ORF, NZZ, SRF….

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